Tuesday, 14 July 2015


 A very big thank you to all of you who have contacted me via the comments after my last post, or by email, or Facebook. There has indeed been a long delay since my last post; life can be nothing more than a series of bumpy rides sometimes. However,  time to re-engage a little and try and produce something you might find remotely entertaining. Not really up to a lot of editorial, so a series of photos I think, is the order of the day.

My second Fakenham Makers Market. A slight rejig of my stand presentation, Jim made a cushion stand for me, I painted it various colours, you can just see here.

Lovely friend Yvonne Autie loaned me her hanging rail which made the quilts much tidier and easier to view. It worked! I sold a large double quilt!

Another Moonlit Hare cushion attracted much comment, but did not sell this time.

     A Lemon Meringue Ice Cream - a rousing success, many thanks to Jane-Ann for the recipe!

A young man called Luke Horncastle presented his first two-day Folk Festival - Folk in a Field, at West Acre, Norfolk on the sunniest weekend we've had (though there were a few showers). An excellent event, family friendly and great music. Here some dancing going on.

Our friends Julie and Rob with their wonderful baskets. Both are genuine Master Basket Makers, Julie also teaches workshops. The quality of their work is excellent. Jim has commissioned a traditional fishing creel from Julie.

I could NOT leave out a couple of shots of the brilliant toilet facilities! Better than your average festival, wouldn't you say?

     And finally, a great shot of Rob and Julie unable to resist taking time out to have a sneaky jive!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely, unfortunately my photos of the actual performers are rubbish so I can't include them here. Especially sad as many of them are our friends!

Well, that's it. I have been having a life away from Blogland, although to be honest it has been very low-key these last couple of months and possibly may be for a little time to come. I hope you have a lovely summer, my friends, all those festivals, gardening, and ice cream! See you soonish, I hope.