Monday, 6 June 2016

Belatedly into June!

Hello folks, I'm typing this in the garden and it's almost too hot to be out here. Yes, I really did say that!  We had a quite lovely early May then we had two weeks of dull skies and rain and COLD! on this (east) side of the country, and feeling a little put out (not really) when my friends in Ireland, Wales and the west of England were talking about their glorious sunshine and heat! So feel entitled to feel a little smug as I slap on the factor 50 and put on my sunhat.

No textiles this post, it's all about the garden. Still some way to go, but it is looking particularly lovely this morning I have to say. So, no more chat, just photos and a few explanations. Enjoy!

In the tin bath I have some swiss chard growing, some mint, chives and coriander. Around the bath are a selection of thymes and sages, and in the trug are coriander plants grown from seed.

Up on the little terrace, the "whimsical Corner" . Two mosaics and the fisherman's clock which had pride of place in Jim's Fishing Lodge (the shed) which is permanently set to 5 because it's always "Five o'clock Somewhere!"

 Yes the water needs a clean out! Love these tiny poppies growing in the gravel - Oh! it was a job cutting the membrane and getting them in the soil beneath, but well worth the effect. I wonder if any seeds will actually grow in the bare gravel?

The chook's corner - I love my white picket fence. It's only short but I was determined to have one somewhere!

OK so he's not a 'proper' Green Man, Jim bought him for me to paint YEARS ago when I was poorly at some point. Waiting to find a really nice  Green Man to put in some little nook somewhere.

The raised beds and potatoes in sacks. I keep meaning to to call it The Pottager! Everything is growing away like mad, and I'm harvesting radish, rocket, spinach, chard, all kinds of salad leaves, and re-sowing. I have to be reminded at times or find things in books and magazines which keep me on my toes, because it is all new to me. But I'm SO enjoying growing stuff.

The little patch in front of the summer house is coming along beautifully. I'm really impressed with the ranunculus, I sowed loads more and they are coming up now and into the garden with them. The second stepping stone is getting its mosaic treatment, but I've not finished it yet.

I really love this view. So glad we took up the lawn which was never used. There's so much going on here now, and it's somewhere where we sit when the sun is on it. I've planted lots of herbs and creeping plants which I hope will eventually spread all over the gravel.

Ah! My little pond. No signs of frogs yet, but it is feeding the wildlife and there are a couple of wriggly things in there!

Jim's side, the Serious Veggie Growing Area. There's more to the right of the bean supports too. I'm cropping the guerrilla salad which is growing among the parsley on the left of the netting tunnel. I planted out the remains of a supermarket salad box… and it is all re-growing!

The new little bed outside the kitchen. Jim took up a row of paving slabs and concreted in the edging, so I have cavolo nero, bulb fennel, broad leaf sorrel, winter savoury, and leaf fennel growing happily here. Also tarragon, coriander and chives in the old sink at the back. The loveage is growing away like mad as it does each year- I've chopped it twice already! Ah well, it all makes excellent compost.

Well that's it folks, sorry it's been such an age getting this out, and I WILL now check out YOUR blogs too - I feel too guilty to go into Blogger when I haven't posted so I get all behind with your news. Soon to be rectified, I promise.

Well, it'll be lunch outdoors today, Jim's just put up the sunshade for me (It's MUCH too tall for me to get the thing opened!) Off into the kitchen I go to prepare lunch. I hope the sun is shining on you too!