Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hello World!

This is the Brand New Blog about Textile Treasury, a Brand New Venture for Sue and Lynne, textile loving friends who decided just before Christmas, that they might like to do a couple of craft fairs together at some point.

Enter 2012 and WOW! Suddenly, we are booked for a really good craft fair (more about which later), have a face book presence,  a twitter account (don't ask me) and embryonic web and blog-sites! How did that happen???
Well, I'll tell you how it happened. Sue waved her magic wand, uttered an incantation (she does that a lot......) and lo, it was so. Or that's how it seemed to me. It will rapidly become clear to you, Dear Reader, that I am NOT the techie one. However I'd hate you to think my sole contribution is a hastily penned blog post. Not at all. Just not the techie stuff. I suspect though, that some of Sue's expertise will rub off on me somewhere along the line. I'm really hoping so.

Sue and I are old friends from quite different backgrounds - administration for Sue and the Health Service for me. We have both experimented with a variety of arts and crafts, but eventually settled comfortably with stitch - whether with yarn, thread or fibre, using paper, fabric and other interesting substrata. Along the line we've both taught, exhibited and sold our work, supported the Quilters Guild and local quilting groups, and we now belong to a six strong group of like-minded women called Stitch 'n Bitch. I promise you there is more of one than the other goes on at our monthly meeting!

So, that's a little about us, next post I'll include a little more background, some more pics, and more news about Textile Treasury. I hope you will bear with us through the first faltering steps of blogging, come back and see us again, and trust me to get it right next time. Or the time after that.......


  1. Sounds a brilliant venture - more power to your elbow girls. Love the illustrations of your work & look forward to seeing more

    1. Thanks for the comment - look out for the next post which should be published in the next few days. Sue and Lynne


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