Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Silver Linings

                                                      There are tulips at the bottom of our garden......

Well, dear Reader, abject apologies for the non-appearance of my Guest Bloggers. A frantic phone call from them to say that the weather has been so bad they haven't yet been able to take any decent photographs, and they want so badly to show you the village. So you will have to make do with me.

It's such a dismal day, rain coming down in torrents - and I expect it is where you are, too, that I thought we need to search beyond the clouds for that silver lining they tell us is lurking there. So, we need some COLOUR !!

                                                                Mint, Muscari and Lovage

One garden element which does NOT constitute a Silver Lining, is the Rook Colony in the oak beyond our garage. Pestilential creatures! They make a dreadful, raucous racket, they drop sticks all over the garden, and they drop other stuff too, which covers the car and prevents me from hanging the washing out!! This is just one treeful - there are so many of them in the village, they have been taking over, the past few years.

                                                            The Garage Oak Rook Colony

Let's have some more colour, hey? These first few shots are of unfinished items for the craft fair.

                                                  spotty floral cushion - must trim those wisps!

                                                                                         close-up of broderie perse

                                                              Small cot quilt - more quilting to be done yet.

And the next few silver linings are finished items, some of which I hadn't originally intended to put on the stall, but I've had a re-think, and decided that I will after all.

                                             Hmmm, not my best shot. Top of a small quilted sampler.

                                                Two, naive wall quilts I designed some years ago - yes, tacking to remove!

                                                         I'm thinking this is unlikely to be finished!!!But it is cheerful.

                                                              Embroidered applique detail - Birds and Baskets Quilt

                                              A bigger shot of the quilt. This is made with flannel, and is a real cuddler!

Well, there you have it, I hope these photos have brightened up your day a little. The rain doesn't appear to have abated one jot since breakfast-time, and I have to go out in it later driving myself to Norwich or thereabouts. However, this is actually the biggest Silver Lining of them all, as tonight I am going with a friend to Norwich Arts Centre to see BLOWZABELLA!!!!!!!!!!  Fantasic band which includes my favourite melodeon player of all time -ANDY CUTTING. So it can rain all it likes - but perhaps not while we are running from the car-park! There is bound to be some dancing, and I know we'll be meeting other friends, so a real treat in store.

I do hope you are managing to find your own Silver Linings. Catch you next time.



  1. I too could do with some colour and perhaps some warmth? The weather in Norwich today has been crazy, rain, hail, lightening, thunder and sunshine! Love those quilts...really lovely.

  2. So much prettiness!
    The weather here in Manchester is so DULL and horrible for photography so I feel your guest bloggers pain.

  3. You are so right about the rain in Norwich, Claire, it followed us all the way there and we ran VERY FAST for two women no longer in the first blush of youth,from the car-park to Pinnochios for a lovely supper before the gig which was BRILL!

    Hello Thrifty Mrs! Lovely to have you visit the blog. But you should be careful what you say - folks from beyond the Tees-Exe Line think the weather in Manchester is ALWAYS dull! (I know different, despite being an exiled Scouser!)
    Today has lowering,threatening skies, but I drove back home from Norwich in brilliant sunshine - what can you say?

  4. Wow, your quilts are spectacular. Love the embellishment and applique together.

  5. Thank you Marisa, I found embroidering on this flannel applique to be quite addictive, such lovely cloth to stitch through, and the embellishment has really added an extra dimension to the quilt. I loved doing it. My plan - before the craft fair reared its ugly head - was to start an applique quilt using my stash of taupe fabrics, and to embroider in a similar fashion using the same weight perle cottons. It'll have to wait now!


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