Sunday, 24 June 2012

Kiwi Invasion (1)

                                               Putting out the Bunting for The Arrival!

Well, apologies for nto being up to speed with reading and commenting on your blogs....but I feel I'm excused....there has been a pretty good excuse! The Kiwis arrived an hour earlier than expected and it was great! We all managed to squeeze in somehow and things are not too bad on the where-can-we-put- things front, we seem to have assimilated most of the stuff. Thank heavens for Lynne's Bessie-van (I haven't taken a photo yet, I must do that tomorrow.) which Jim calls the Gin Palace or The Passion Wagon depending on who is around! I promise you, LynneK nothing unseemly has been going on there! It is very comfortable, though and you can watch the starry sky through the window in the roof!

I did discuss having the children's photos on the blog and daughter-in-law Krissie and son Kit were fine with that. Previously I had been over-careful not to even mention family names. However I read other folks's blogs and see many of you are quite relaxed about it. So here is Fraser drawing pictures for nanny with his favourite marbles to hand.

The weather was so bad we had to keep them occupied indoors, which meant colouring, marble runs, carefully monitored amounts of time on electronic games, reading....and 3 hours at the park with Poppops in the wind and very light spitting rain.

                                    Dylan sneaking a bit of extra electronic time!

We had a gathering of the clans on Friday as it was Krissie's birthday and all her brothers and sisters arrived at ours then we all went out for a meal at our local hostelry.

                                  Auntie Krissie geting broody over her new nephew.

                                          And Uncle Kit just doing what comes naturally.

                                               Bex, Krissie and Kit ready to party.

                                                                  Birthday Flowers

                                         Granddaughters Morgan and Bex sharing a giggle.

                   Dylan and Fraser discussing the finer points of........something or other!

                                        Number one son Mike with grandson Chris

We had a lovely meal, and did lots of catching up and chatting. Jim and I left early to look after the littlest ones....yes, we have reached that stage in our lives doesn't seem so long ago that OUR parents were the ones who 'sat it out' and baby-sat.

Yesterday the sun shone and we all went over to a barbeque at Krissie's brother's home. The children ran and shouted to their hearts' content and played beautifully together. Jim and I met another branch of Krissie's family and enjoyed the chat. There was the usual disaster with the Putting Together of the Barbeque which all the men pitched in with. Then Krissie's younger sister Helga broke down in their car and had to be fetched......oh the stress!! But everything turned out fine in the end.

                                                                  Kit and Krissie

So, we are at Day Four, which has been a very Chill Out Sunday. We all needed to catch up on some sleep and not have any other commitments to worry about. Kit Krissie and Bex are watching the England match, Dylan and Fraser are in bed....though not asleep....we have had a little boy down the stairs 4 times so far..I can't sleep! Well it is very light, the sun sets over the back of the cottage, and has been shining right into the bedroom; just about to set as I type, so hopefully he willbe dropping off soon! Bye for now, will post in anpother few days when I have some new photos to show you.


  1. Nice to put faces to all those names you mentioned the other week! Looks like you're all having a great time. Should be fine weather for you all for the next few days at least. Football? Wot Football? xCathy

    1. EXACTLY, Cathy, EXACTLY! That's why I'm blogging and they are biting their nails. And it all sounds a load of rubbish anyway!

      are you guarranteeing the weather......?

  2. Looks like your all having a fabulous time!
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria, yes, it's been very 'full-on' so far, just calming down a bit today, but revving up again tomorrow......and more to come!

  3. So lovely that you are reunited, everyone looks so happy and relaxed, I am assuming you and Jim do too! Hope you have lots more fun family times over the next few days.
    Lots of love xxx

    1. Yes, Sue, having some lovely llong chats with my Big Son, giggles with the children and making plans with Krissie and Beccie for Bex's new-look bedroom when she gets home. It's great!

  4. How lovely - so nice to have family around. I hope you are loving every minute! Claire

    1. we are having a great time....if exhausting!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    your family is just beautiful, and that sweet little baby's hair looks like a halo around his head. So sweet. You're so lucky to have grandkids!
    Blessings from me and Ms Wilma

    1. Thank you Dorothy, we are blessed with our family, just wish they all lived a bit closer!

  6. Dear Lynne,
    What a lot of smiling happy faces! Have a fab week with your family!

  7. Hi, Lynne! You have such a beautiful and charming Family :o) Sooo sweet! Delightful post!
    Have a great time , dear friend
    kisses to all your Family from Russia
    Natasha & Glazachev Fam.

  8. Hello Natasha, have passed your good wishes on!

  9. Just been catching up with you Lynne as my students failed to come back this afternoon I'm being paid to blog hop. See you're very busy in the best of ways. How lovely to have such a large family, must be great fun.

    Thought I'd better let you know where that shop is, although I don't really want to give away too many fabric stash secrets, so just for you it's Vintage Mischief in Beccles.

    Lisa X

  10. Hi Lisa, lovely to hear form you - yes, I remember days when I was doing Developmental Assessmnets and the mums didn't turn up - if I wasn't at my own office it was a terrible waste of time, unless I had something to do I could just pick up and get on with.

    Thanks for the tip-off! I keep meaning to take a trip to Beccles.....hmmm good plan. Whenever I pick things out to buy on-line they've gone before I finish getting my order in! I should be getting some items together for the next crafy fair....totally missed Holt, I was meaning to pop in and have a word with you. Perhaps have a chat later on about the next Handmakers Market?
    All best, Lx

  11. I am tickled to see that we have the same taste in table cloths! Been meaning to pop by for weeks and have a wee explore. I will be back! x

  12. I might tell you that was the best £22 I have spent! I bought it last week, especially for the Invasion, as it can just be wiped down between meals, painting sessions, 'sneaky cakey events' and so on. I'd have been pulling my hair out in despair if I had to be changing the table clothevery day! It was a toss-up between this one and a lovely Cath Kidson floral-on-deepblue, but I thought the children would enjoy the spotty one more. Thanks for popping by!

  13. looks like your having a great time, hope the weather picks up for you.


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