Sunday, 5 August 2012


Yes, it really was this big and round, taken at Newmarket Racecourse last night when I went to see Van Morisson in concert. My son Michael made it happen for me and his lady Vicki to go and see His Old Grumpiness....and he didn't disappoint! He may not be the cuddliest, audience-engaging performer, but by gum can he still pull it off! He must have covered every one of his Golden Oldies, which many performers don't like to do, as they want to give their latest work the exposure. It was great, his set lasted 2 hours and he didn't leave the stage - talk about stamina. And he can still cut it with the voice, something which I fear me old Mucca Macca can say theses days. The sun shone - til the moon came out - and the rain held off. Brilliant! My photography skills let me down, sadly, though I do have more from Vicki's camera.

I did manage this one, however. We were really well placed quite close. (I think we inadvertantly came in the wrong gate and should really have been right at the back watching it on the screens, but though I kept flashing my ticket, they just waved us through. Probably thought OAP's need to get close enough to be able to see without their binocculars!)

So yes, great night, wish I hadn't danced so much I am paying for it this morning! Ah well, at least I've still got me own hips!

See you soon with the next proper post!


  1. You dark horse! Bet you were rocking away til the wee hours!
    We love Norfolk only discovered it last year! I would go back every year it's so beautiful, will let you know when we go again! Ada :)

  2. Glad you had a nice time and danced the night away!

  3. @ Jane, Ada and Claire, hello girls, thanks for popping across! Yes, great night...I find I don't have the fitness level to dance the night away like I used to...I pay for it the next day! T'was the same when I went to the Blowzabella concert and allowed myself to be made to do the bourre's all night....OUCH!

    I was so chuffed my son thought about me and also that Vicki actually wanted to spend an evening with her 'almost' mum-in-law, we haven't known each other very long.

  4. Wow, lucky you- and he stayed for the whole gig! I saw him many moons ago when he slurred his way thro the show!!:-))
    Last time I danced too much at a bluegrass/country/rock band-The Dodge Brothers with Mark Kemode- I couldnt walk properly for days! I adore dancing but the body now complains........used to teach Cajun-do you play any of that??
    Sounds like a brilliant night.

  5. Hi Heather....well you know EXACTLY how my hips and legs are feeling today! No, he did a great gig, couldn't fault him.

    i LOVE Cajun music, I play a few tunes on fiddle, and when I go to my celtic summer school each July/August our fiddle tutor teaches Appalachian and Cajun tunes too. Unfortunately there is no-one near me who's into Cajun music so I can't really pursue it.I think it is such CHEEKY music - love the rhythms. I just wish I lived near somwhere that did cajun'zydeco dancing. Still, you can't have everything!

  6. Ooooh! lucky you... I'm a fan too and it's a couple of years since I saw him live. I laughed at you calling him "His Old Grumpiness" .... perfect!
    I remember that night as a huge hairy biker type came in really late with a half finished pint of beer and sat behind me. He then proceeded to sing, along very badly, and was louder than VM. Eventually I was so riled that I turned around and asked him to shut up as I'd paid to hear VM not him. I then realised that ( there only with my SIL) I could have been in trouble, but he sheepishly apologised and did shut up! Whew!!
    I LOVE Cajun music too!!!
    Jo xxx

    1. Yes, I had to avert my 'kill you at 50 paces' glare on several occasions - not worth making an incident out of someone elses bad manners.


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