Saturday, 25 May 2013

Open Studios Private View

This is my friend Yvonne Autie, also a member of Stitch& Bitch. Silversmith, rag-rug maker and superb machine-embroiderer, Yvonne gave a Private View evening last night to commence Norfolk Open Studios. I went along to pour drinks, offer nibbles (not of me!!) and chat to the folks who came to visit, despite the funny weather. The above photo is taken from a magazine article about her work.

                        Some of Yvonne's brilliant silver jewellery, love these rings!

                                           Bookmarks, fabric brooches and fabric postcards.

                                                         Bags made from rag-rugging

                                  Yvonne's wonderful and intricate articulated silver brooches

                                    Close up of a couple of rings. I have one each of these.

                              Close up of a quilted wall panel depicting wonderful geckos.

                                                          Close up of two large rag-rug panels.

There were so many more photographs I should have taken, but the visitors started to arrive, I out my camera down, and didn't get chance to pick it up again! We had a steady stream and I met some very interesting and entertaining people, it was actually great fun. Then to cap it all, we went for a meal at the local pub. A super evening and great to see that good crafts are still attracting viewers and buyers.

Yvonne is now open for Open Studios. If you are in and around Norfolk for the next two weeks, do get yourself a brochure and plan yourself a few visits to the various artists studios; it's great fun and you never know - you may find JUST the piece you were looking for!


  1. I went to her place a few years back plus a few others. I also make rag rugs but not in the same way as Yvonne.

    1. Blimey it's a small world, isn't it? Yvonne got me started on rag-rigging, and I would say my style is VERY different fro heres - quite apart from our hugely disparate skill levels!!

  2. She makes some lovely jewellery, have a great weekend! :) x

    1. She certainly does, Ada, and I have quite a little collections of it myself! Hope your w/end is good too. Lx


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