Monday, 5 August 2013

Burwell Bash 2013

Fiddle Class Burwell 2013. Front left is Tola Custy, missing presumed otherwise engaged - Jock Tildsley, our other fiddle tutor. However, Clive managed to find a way to include him in the next shot.............

Now from the expression on my face, he is either laying very heavily on my foot, or I am overcome by the very gorgeousness of Jock.  Nice one, Clive!

Now then, I am having a great deal of difficulty writing this post. Partly from sheer exhaustion - I am getting past existing on 2 hours sleep two nights running, and only managing about 4-5 the other nights. Also there are just so many photographs, I can't begin to tag them all. (Jim has just walked past and said it is unlike me to be short of words! How right he is!)

Also I am well aware that this is not going to appeal to many folks who weren't there. SO with apologies, and promises that what passes for normal service will be resumed at a later date, here are a bunch of photographs and a few names. You'll just have to work it out for yourself! Oh, you might like to check my archive for ...oooh, around the end of August 2012, where I have blogged about last year's Burwell Bash in a bit more detail, so if anyone wants to find out more about the set-up, you will find it here, and a link I think to Burwell webpage.

          Alison, Debs and me, towards the beginning of the week, we look quite lively, I think!

                                                Hmmmmm, a bit too lively, obviously .....

          Resident Love-Birds, Ellie and Dave, who met at Burwell last year - still going strong.

Tuesday evening, at Jane's, waiting to go out for her Birthday Dinner. Lovely food. Lotsa laughs!

                       I swear my eyebrows are getting more like Angela Rippon's every day!

                          Jean looking gorgeous - and see, her glass is just as large as mine!

               Haha! Gotcha! While you were gotcha-ing me! Happy Birthday Jane!

             Pretty well lit up by now .... time to get back to Burwell for Games Night........

                  Eddie, the Sound Man making a none-too subtle statement with his mic!

                          Jude and I, in harmony, during our One Night Stand Band performance.

                        Me, waiting pensively to come in. Seen behind - the list of Acts waiting to come on.

Later that evening. No, Eddie is not trying to wake me up, I am singing, not being sick into his saxaphone, as someone has suggested!

My goodness! I'm really on a roll now! Clive on fiddle, not sure who it was on guitar - Joseph? Joe?

Ah, Wednesday, surprise appearance of Burwell "old Girl" Nell (Mrs) Bailey who came to give us a master class. I am coming in from my One -to-One with Tola. The tune we played, was For the Joy of It by Blazin Fiddles and I cried nearly all the way through when the harmony began. It was just so beautiful.

                                      Yep, it was obviously too much for Tola as well .......

Here I am, with, as someone has said, my biggest fan! This was after the Tutors Concert, it was very late. I am seriously sleep deprived. Oh, you couldn't tell???

And the next morning. Or was the the morning before the night before..yes it must have been, I am in the same top. Very, very, very tired. Two hours sleep again last night. Not good.

See, even Jock is needing some therapy, care of Debs and Ellie...and I think Cathy is offering her services...a glass of wine maybe........

                                A serene Brian Finnegan whistling peacefully in the garden.

Now I'm afraid who ever took this may have got themselves outside of a glass or two, or maybe it's the camera ...... late, very late after the Tutors' concert, an Irish session going on in the lounge, and a breakaway english session erupted in the bar (where else?) You can just make out me at far end on melodeon, Jean on my left on flute,Matt next to her also on box, and Eddie the sound man on box also.With her back to us, Emily on flute and just hiding is Jayne on fiddle. People came in, formed lines, and we had us a ceilidh. They danced, and danced, and danced, til we played them the waltz they had been clamouring for, and they all went outside to cool down! Huh! Fans, eh?

Lovely guitar tutor Ed Boyd in his alter ego as Tola Custy. You'll have noticed that wigs figure prominently at Burwell.

Every year I try and get a photo of jenny and every year she thinks she has escaped! Seen with Joe, also bewigged.

                Matt, guitar, whistle, box and banjo player and probably lots of other things too.

                                    Brian as......some one with long black hair.

This nice chap is Alan, his first time at Burwell. After we all had a laugh about the meerkats 'alan alan alan" we found out he lives very close to where we are going to site our caravan and there is a folk club nearby. What a small world!!

              Usual gratuitous photo of Jude and John...they do get everywhere....often with beer...

                                                                    see what I mean?

                    Stephen, Mr Burwell Bash, in his usual head covering and T-shirt.

       Jock, wearing the wig, pretending to be Stephen, falling asleep. A grand Burwell Tradition.

                         Jock/Stephen in the arms of Morpheus. Toy melodeon in the arms of Ellie.

          Clive (with obligatory wig) being Elvis being interviewed. Debs on maracas at the back.

                                                                 Tola giving it some stick.

       No idea. Well, it's Tola and ........ ah, sorry, I have forgotten your name, please forgive.

                                                 Best not to ask. Tom, Jenny and Emma.

       Ed and Emily, Clive's granddaughter at her first Burwell. Lovely voice, she did herself proud.

                                        Jayne and Blanche enjoying a little late night snack.

Now you know that normally my blog is a smutt-free zone, but I couldn't resist this one. Ellie and Dave getting all tired and emotional.

Visit from lovely Kate Locksley, Burwell Old Girl currently studying for her degree in Folk Music at `Newcastle University. Voice of an angel. And just released her first cd with her band The Teacups. Check them out!

                Yup, the Old Timey Old Timers themselves, Jayne and me, hangin' on in there.

Emma, middle one of the famous Millman sisters, and vocals and fiddle in The Teds band. Oh and look who's lurking in the background............

                Ooooh Jenny! Gotcha twice! And by gum, look who else snuck in the frame!

                            And here is Tola, and Matt, behind my biggest fan.

Well, that's it, folks. If you are exhausted looking at all these snaps think about me uploading the damn things. Seriously, I had the best time, as always, with some of the nicest people you could meet.  And some others...... I hope if your photo is on here and I have neglected to ask you first you will be quicker at getting out of the way next time. Bye all til next year, see you on Facebook. And the next post will be more or less back to normal. I am so tired now I can't be bothered to put labels and check for typos, so what you see you see.((???)) Okay, time for bed. Night night!


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! Quite a range of instruments being played. I used to play the clarinet and I still have a flute.

    Must be over 20 years since I last saw the inside of Burwell House!

    Several Guide meets there is my distant past.

    1. It was really great - there were too many instruments to list, way more than were on the curriculum. You should pick one of yours up and get going again! Lx

  2. well it looks as if you had a lovely time - i hope that you are able to get plenty of rest this week to recover from all the shenanigans!!!!

    1. It was lovely, Lynne, but it has taken until this morning to start to feel back to normal, and I reckon I still have a few hours sleep to make up! But well worth it.Lx

  3. Oh you do look as though you had a fantastic time but tiring. I just can't do late nights now, if I go past midnight, I'm done for!

    1. I'd say adrenalin has a lot to do with it, Dc, that, and not wanting to miss out on anything!

  4. Ha! Your face in these pictures says it all - the whole gamut of emotions from A to Z (including Angela Rippon!). Looks like you have great fun - now have a rest!! xCathy

    1. You said it - feeling better today but wow, I really did rather overdo it. the thing is, you can't not be there, and join in. Not possible. Yes, my eyebrows have disappeared which I understand is a side effect of the thyroid deficiency, still, saves having to pluck them! Lx

  5. Good to see what I missed! Thanks Lynne! Josie

    1. Josie! You have a blog - but you haven't blogged! Come on - get on with it!

      Actually as I look at some of these photos I begin to wonder whether I was there myself! Lx

  6. You really all look like you're having a great time and packing in as much fun as you can! :) x

    1. Hi Ada! It was so much fun, I can only begin to describe the atmosphere. So often someone will try and get away up to bed, but they stop just a minute too long, and a tune starts which they know...all is lost! Another late night. Oh dear.. Lx

  7. LOVE all the piccies, I feel as though I was there with you all, what a fabulous time you must have had. Its so good to get away from the norm and let your hair down, music is so good for the soul even if late nights aren't. x

    1. Absolutely, Karen, the benefits outweigh (just!) the exhaustion. The music is everywhere, in the air, indoors, outdoors, in your head.....wonderful! Lx

  8. Lynne, I really thought I'd left a comment about this post and found I hadn't when I came to thank you for your comment on my post.
    Your Burwell Bash certainly looks a vibrant happy fun time for all concerned and your photos and report was so lovely to share. Now where did I put my Kazoo.... maybe if I stick at it I may be good enough for next year!! Heh, he!
    Jo x

    1. Jo I do this all the time! And sometimes I write a comment and think I've posted it and I haven't - rely very annoying! Anyway, thank you of course as always for popping across! Yes, as always, Burwell comes up trumps. And now I am just about to write the next post - a little behind the times! Lx

  9. What fun it all looks to be.

    Sorry but I hooted when I read your Angela Rippon eyebrow comment! Literally, I think the Mr thought I was choking.

    1. Hi Annie - yes, I hooted when I saw the photo as well! Apparently it is a side effect of an under-active thyroid. Ah well, if only I had her legs as well! Lx


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