Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Craft Fair Count Down

                                                                          Bless this Mess!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Polly and (Esther) in the previous post - I'd love some feedback as to whether you'd like to see them again.

                            Amongst the mess, you can see what keeps me going - copious amounts of talking book!

This blog was set up with express purpose of documenting the events and preparations leading up to Textile Treasury's first Craft Fair. Circumstances have changed, but I decided, with encouragement from friends and family, to continue my commitment to both the blog and the fair, not knowing how I'd get on with either.

                                                Oh dear, sewing room looking like a jumble sale......................

Less than a week to go - as you can tell by the state of my sewing room! I decided to come clean and put some frank and fearsome photos up showing the extent of the mess. Truely a Room of Doom! Lots of boring -but-neccesary jobs to do, like pricing and labelling. And of course, everyday life goes on, so have been very busy, not a lot of time to dream up an intellectually stimulating blog theme! You'll have to make do with a load of diverse piccies and a few comments.

                                Stuff hanging around all over the place. Notice my macbook for dummies........

                                                             Slightly more attractive mess!

Obviously I shall have to see how the craft fair pans out, one would like some little degree of success to encourage further effort! However, the blog seems to have taken on a life of its own, which I am enjoying hugely. I've been thrilled to discover how many other folks are reading it - yes! I have discovered my stats!!! And where they are coming from - it is quite incredible that I have regular visitors from Russia, Poland, Turkey, India, China and other far-flung - and near by - places. It's even more fun when you leave me comments, as I enjoy the bits and bobs of discussion which have sprung up. Keep 'em comin'!  I still struggle a little with the techie bits, but am getting used to whipping out the camera at the drop of a hat, and jotting down snippets for later use.

                                                                    vintage textile bundles

And speaking of snippets, here are some vintage fabric bundles which arrived last week from Christine at the Sea Garden - including a lovely piece of old quilt which she popped in as a little extra - thank you Christine! Aren't they beautiful? Love the Suffolk Puffs, and have made some little fabric collages and popped them onto cards as a try-out.

                                          Textile cards and Japanese and a bit more mess!

I wouldn't like you to think that I don't do ANY housework (No sarkey comments from close friends, IF you please!) I have tried to keep the stitchy mess from migrating out of the sewing room, but it doesn't always work out.........

                                                                        Right-hand end of sofa......

                              left-hand end of the Lucy Granny Blanket? Subtle colours, eh?

                 See, I do dust! Although I've just realised that there are two small angel dolls in that Portmeirion bowl!

So, only four and a bit days to go. While you lot are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend, sunning yourselves on the beach, stuck in traffic jams with other day trippers, cooking up a storm for your visiting hordes, or watching the dripping garden through rain-streaked windows, I shall be running around like a mad thing trying to get organised for Monday!

                         A relatively tidy pile, I feel. Notice smidgeon of my Lucy Bag hanging on door.

Next post, it will be all over. I may have brought home a HUGE amount of stuff! Ah well, it'll be less to make for the next one...........Ho Ho! Anyway, wish me luck, and I promise to spill the unexpurgated beans when I have the energy to write a new post. Have lovely weekends, and I really hope the weather is kind - to all of us!


  1. I love all your quilts, are you putting up those for sale? Anyway, good luck, may the sun shine down on you on Monday, and it brings in the crowds, who have loads of money in their purses to spend.....
    Sue :)

  2. Thank you Sue, yes, I'm going to just put it all on the stall and see what happens.You just never know who you'll get through the door, or what their tastes are, so it's all down to luck on the day. And the weather too, I guess!

  3. Good luck with your fair.

    1. Thanks, Gill, I've got everything crossed! Lx.

  4. I love lots of it the Charlestonesque rug in the first pic is fab can't remember seeing that before and the lighthouse pictures are great. Hope it goes well Lynne and you come to Norwich to do another one soon! Xx

    1. Erm.......d'you mean the little rag-rug, blue with the lopsided jug of wobbly flowers? I started that with my friend Yvonne, and to be honest, I have a sneaking suspicion it {{{{{{{might not be quite finished}}}}}}}}! but it does keep my tootsies warm as I go about bare-foot so much.Lx

  5. Oh best of luck with the fair.
    I hope it's a sell out.
    And thanks so much for the tour.
    It makes me feel a bit better about my creative mess.

  6. Hello Kate! Thanks for visiting. If I have made a fellow-sufferer feel better about her mess then it will all have been worth while! I really must do a gigantic de-clutter after the event, just to prove I don''t always live in squalor.....Lx

  7. yvonne (cousin)4 May 2012 at 09:05

    Good Luck for monday Lynne. Love this blog. Go girl....xx

  8. Bless you for that, Hon, and just glad SOMEONE is reading it!!!!


  9. Hi Lynn
    So glad you came over to my blog as it gave me a chance to look at yours! Lovely stuff- lovin the yoy yo stuff-i am a great fan too. I am very very envious that you can play the fiddle............that is the one thing in life I really wish I could do! good luck with the fair.Heather.xx

  10. Hey Heather, it's never too late to learn! Really. However, afterI'd bought my first one I watched a dvd and it started "the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to play properly" ! So playing is not technically brilliant, but it's 'good enough for folk' as they say. (My melodeon is much easier -at least at basic level!)

    Yes I've got a bit of a thing for those yo-yos, though I never used to rate them much.

    Thanks for visiting and the good it all gets closer I am swinging between panic and apathy! Lx.

  11. I love your dresser! It's stunning. I don't think your sewing room is bad at all...I seem to cover the house on a making day, really quite literally!

  12. Haha! You only saw the selected highlights! Believe me, there are corners where even I dare not tread!

  13. What a hive of industry - a creative mess is an ok mess! Hope it all went well for you! The pricing up and packing it all up to take there is always a PAIN and so weirdly time-consuming! Weather wasn't toooo bad though? xCathy

  14. Cathy the weather was DIRE! Sunny in the morning but cold, and then very cold, windy and wet in the afternoon. We were very cold. And it was slow. But glad I did it and will again.

    Will be posting again later today.....probably. Have a lot of putting away to do today and I MUST have a proper clear out of my sewing room, it's pretty disgusting at the moment!!

  15. Goodness me, you have been busy, I spy lots of beautiful things in your workroom, including gorgeous quilts. I hope your fair went well. Thanks very much for your comment on my blog. Indeed, the braided rug now comes in a rectangular size of about 8' x 5' which is why I finally bought one. It does look great. Look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Hen x

  16. Ah thanks, Hen. Pretty much a damp squib, really, but am not dismayed, and will happily try again. Coo, that's a fair sized rug - not seen them that large, just what I need under my table. Er......was it from the Braided Rug Company?


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