Saturday, 26 May 2012

A spot of Sight-Seeing

                                               Dappled shade in the Herb Garden

Just a quick post today, mostly photographs, as I've been up to my eyes writing some other stuff for Somewhere Else!The sunshine encouraged me out into the garden, where buds are unfurling, blossom is springing and the greenery is amazing.

I love these Columbines, Granny's Bonnets, or Aquilegia depending where you're coming from.

 These are a very old fashioned species; I helped myself to a handful of seeds from the overgrown garden of the dilapidated house my brother-in-law inherited about fifteen years ago. They have self seeded themselves all over our garden and are so at home here. I love the colours.

       These lovely blue, spikey flower heads of the centaura cheer me enormously every year.

Oh, and the sage flowers are JUST about to burst forth! I would grow this herb for the flowers alone, though I do use the leaves in cooking and for sore throats, with honey!

 Here are some succulents. I popped them in for Marisa - not a patch on her multi-hued varieties.

Someone else was out and about today - and not just OUT, but UP! Yes, invited by our builder to check out the chimneys, J was up the scaffolding before you could say vertigo. Or even acrophobia. With his trusty little camera in his mitt. When he re-appeared on solid ground he presented me with a load of roof-top views' for your blog'. Gotta love that man. So here they are. Well, some of them.

                                                        Up the lane to the church.

                                                                Down the lane.

                                                                        Our back garden

                                                           Looking left from the back.

                                               Looking right from the back.

                                            And finally back round to the church.

Gosh, I hadn't realised I live in such a pretty place! It's all the old stone and greenery, isn't it?

And last but not least, here is the quilt pattern I promised you in my last post.

I'm sure you'll agree it's a corker, and well suited to those gorgeous Japanese Taupe fabrics.Not the best of photos, I'm afraid the 'large' view unfortunately had the shadow of my bosoms along the bottom, so I thought I'd delete that one! There is an outer border of diamonds. I'm all fired up to start it but feel I should really keep going with the small squares that surround the Jan Patek blocks already finished and waiting. AND.......there is K's quilt.............
Enjoy the sunny sunny sunny weekend! (I'm so thrilled we're having one I had to triple it!)


  1. What a beautiful place you live in!

  2. Thank you, Stins, I know I think I take it for granted at times. We've lived here over 20 years now, and it was our 'dream home'. Before that we have lived in some not so nice places, I can assure you!

  3. Loved the rooftop views it looks so different and yet so familiar if that makes sense! Had to laugh at the shadow of my bosoms comment sort of thing I'd come out with! Hope to see you very soon. Xxx

  4. Hi Sue, yes, there was the very best shot of the quilt....with a small mountain range along the couldn't even have cropped it! Ah well. Yep, in the sunshine it all looks beautiful, doesn't it? Be in touch soon!Lx.

  5. What a pretty place you live in..... and your garden is so neat! would you like to come and do mine for me?.....
    Sue Xxx

  6. Er...Sue, I'd have to loan you Himself, I'm afraid! I do look after my herbs, planting, clipping etc but the rest of it? No way Rosalita! A colleague once said to me "Do you pop into the garden when you get home from work and find yourself there still weeding two ours later?" I'm still trying to discover which planet this woman was on. Or rather, which one she thought I was on. ME? GARDENING? OOooh, I'm coming on all over fatigued at the mere thought of it! Lx.

  7. Hi Lynne,
    your herb garden is to die for! Everything looks so healthy and green. And I loved your hen-and-chicks. I need to repot mine. The view from the rooftop took my breath away! Do you attend that church? You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Hi Dorothy, I did reply earlier but it seems to have disappeared! Thanks for your comments. No, actually I don't attend this chuech, but I did for a couple of yuears sing in the choir of the village up the road! Perverse, moi?

  8. Gorgeous photos - I'm so jealous of your herb garden!

    1. Hello CC, yes, it's its the only bit of gardening I do. It isn't extensive, and it actally dots about all over the garden and in various pots, but the main herby bit is in this photo. Do you have a garden? I think you work in London so I imagine perhaps just a window box and pots.... but I may be quite wrong!

  9. Love your garden photographs.

    I share your views on heights! Lol. (I almost have vertigo looking at those shots! Lol) Thank J for the wonderful photos from the scaffolding. You live in a beautiful area.

    Have fun with Corliss's quilt.

    1. Miriam, lovely to have you visit, I shall be watching your progress on that lovely quilt of Kim's. I will indeed pass your comment on to Himself! He'll be suitably chuffed!

  10. I can't tell you how pleased I was to find someone so close.... to my shame, having written about Norfolk villages/churches/social history etc., I don't recognise the church. From where you said you were when you commented on my book blog, I thought you were in a village with the initials WN? But it's not their church....
    I am intrigued.....
    I potter in the garden too, mainly because I can't do heavy stuff these days. And I love the view of your garden, it is SO pretty. Love the seating areas. We have lived in our Norfolk village 22 years... an old house but not as old as yours, and sadly on the main road through... now I bet you are nearer knowing which village it is! I would love a 'lane' rather than a 'road'.
    Chat soon?

  11. meant to say.... we have a book collection too... about two and a half thousand at the last count.... did you say 'embarrassing number of books'. What's to be embarrassed about? Love to read, love to craft, love to bake, love our garden, shambolic though it may be. Love living in Norfolk. Slightly ditzy at times. Unpredictable. Outspoken.

  12. Hi Maggie! Ah the plot thickens! No, not West Newton, a bit nearer to town than that. Think of a village with a castle and travel a mile or so away from the Sandringham direction. We are in NW, and there is SW close by! Oh dear, the tangled web we weave when we try and retain a little anonymity, ha! I'm guessing you are in D? Or possibly H? Depending which edge of the Royal Estate you border.Oooh I am consumed with curiosity now.

    Yes, love to get in touch......there must be a way of accessing an email somewhere along the line.

    And I am in D..... and I was coming in the wrong direction for you.... and am envious as your NW has always appealed when we have driven through...

  14. Maggie will email you. I used to be the Health Visitor for D and surrounding villages!

  15. Looking forward to hearing.... hope I got the email address correct. It's not my main one... to keep some anonymity/privacy I use a name normally reserved for my writing. Once I hear from you I will give you my main address. How are you liking this cooler weather? Me? Love it....

  16. What a lovely place you live in. The rooftop photos are wonderful!

  17. June, thank you for visiting. And to think I tutted when J went up the ladder to the scaffolding to take some pictures! So many people have enjoyed them.


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