Friday, 11 May 2012

What's a'foot?

Hello Dear Reader, I've dragged myself out of a drug-induced stupor, in order to communicate with you from my Bed of Pain.......oh, no sorry, can't keep that drivel up. A little off my perch at the moment - well, off my feet at any rate. However, I prepared some piccies before the minor op, and I can always dredge up a spot of idle chat to tide us over til I can be out and about, bein' hip and happenin' and all that.

The District Nurse popped in this morning to re-dress The Toe - I did, briefly, consider treating you to a photograph of the offending piece of anatomy, but felt that the world would be a better place without it. Instead you've got an artfully draped chair - after a tense battle of wills I got my own way regarding painting the furiture! Pictured is daughter-in-law K's quilt, which I hope to complete a fair amount of work on whilst I am 'laid-up'. Other stitchery stuff to keep me occupied are two more versions of this:

                                               The basic wool applique, which became..........

                                         ............this! And is obviously in great demand!

To keep me going while I stitch, a few hours of audio books - Whodunnits, of course.................

And when I am too fatigued to raise a needle and thread, Pam has loaned me this:

Last in the series, I believe. I remember how excited I was when we bought the very first one, ooooh years ago now. I had meant to put this on my Christmas Wish List, but forgot. I shall enjoy it. But first I must finish this:

     I've read a couple of Jo Nesbo's thrillers, nice chunky books to get your teeth into. Are you a fan of the Nordic Crime Scene? Quite a lot of them about, aren't there. J and I are currently enjoying watching The Bridge on Saturday nights.

Oh yes, I meant to say. J bought me a new camera. Well, he bought it for himself as I was rather monopolising our Samsung which has 10.4 megapixels (do I sound like I know what I'm talking about???? Don't you believe it!) but when he saw the detail I was getting with the new one, a Canon IXUS117HS with a massive 12.1 mega wotsits, he very generously bequeathed the new one to me and will make do with the old one. And in turn I have magnaminously offered to let him 'borrow' it back should he need to take some fly-tying close-ups. I'm like that. Now for all I know you are sitting there reading this laughing up your sleeves from the lofty heights of your 47.9 megathingies. But to me, my modest little new camera is a real sweetie, and very slim and sleek it is too. I won't pretend that my photography has improved, mind you.

Day before The Op was May's Stitch and Bitch. We were somewhat depleted as LynneK is away in the Antipodes annoying her relatives; we get occasional 'home thoughts from abroad' emails, which is nice, but a little irritating when you compare our blooming spring, and what is their late autumn!

Pam has completed her beautiful Laurel Burch horses, isn't it great? The amount of work required when you use this reverse applique technique is huge. Stunning colours.

I really do intend to crack onwith K's quilt, but I bet I'm still doing the binding when they get here in June! Luckily I'm quilting with a fairly big stitch, using a single strand of 21st Centuy's hand-dyed 4-ply cotton thread. I used the same thread, brighter colourway for youngest grandson's quilt, it's really pleasant to quilt with. Totally different vibe going on with the colours, as I'm sure you'll agree!

I am really partial to log cabin patchwork, I love the juxtaposition of small pieces of patterned fabric, and it is so quick to actually construct the top; how on earth did people embark on making huge log cabin quilts without losing the will to live, before rotary cutters and strip-piecing were discovered? 'Cut x hundred squares 1"x1", cut x hundred rectangles 1"x2". cut x hundred rectangles 1" x2 1/2" nauseam!' I certainly would never have got started if we still had to make them this way.

                     One of the small cot quilts made for the craft fair. Looks nicer 'in the flesh'.

Oops, caught red-handed - just a little sustenance to keep us going! Lovely tulips, thankyou Victoria. 

I'd like to add that we four ladies did NOT see off the contents of this tray! J sustained himself through coffee and lunch, and generously sustained the builders who were re-pointing the front and gable end of the cottage. Some of the very old bricks - 300 years - had crumbled and needed replacing and the 'concrete' pointing which had been done about 40 years ago was replaced with lime-mortar, as it should have been. Paul, our builder did an excellent job finding just the right bricks for us, and it looks really good.

So that's what the last few days have looked like round here. The 'TOE' was certainly not the ordeal I had been dreading, and after tomorrow's visit from the Disrtict Nurse I should be able to have it dressed at our surgery, and hopefully driving by mid-week..........? I know someone who will be pleased to have his chair back! Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes, flowers, chocs and good company. See you soon!


  1. Sorry you are not feeling to brilliant at the moment! Hope you bounce back soon ( at least it's not your fingers! No sewing! ) take care :)

  2. Looks like you have lots to keep you entertained! I hope you feel better soon. Take Care. Claire

  3. I hope your toe mends quickly, although it looks like you have loads to keep you occupied.... your quilts look amazing :)
    Sue Xxx

  4. Hello Ada, Claire and Sue - you lot were quick off the mark this evening! I'm feeling fine, thank you, just a little achey round the nether regions with all the sitting around! Toe seems to be healing 'as well as might be expected' as they say, and I have been kept beautifully amused.
    I used to joke with my manager that if she ever heard I was off work with a broken toe - one moment of excruciating pain, then just a long healing work of course- she would know I had self-inflicted it in order to be at home sewing! My cousin told me I was daft to have left this til I retired! no excuse now to get that quilt finished........

  5. Hi Lynne, thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog. I hope you are able to be waited on hand and foot till you are better! I had a little look at your posts and loved your applique work - your sidebar of books is very similar in artists to mine-but maybe you have a few more books! The book I did enquire about but never bought was the Erica Huws - is it any good i.e lots of pictures? As for my dolls -if you have the patience for the log cabin, dolls would be a breeze!

  6. Felicity thanks for visiting. Believe me, I have made dolls, and log cabin patchwork is easier by far! It's the turning and stuffing the limbs I find drives me mad. Respect, missus, seriously!

    Ah the Erica Huws, book, absolutely wonderful. I'll try and put a few pictures in the next post. The book is actually a catalogue of her work,loads of pictures in glorious technicolour. She's a textile impressionist, incredibly talented and well ahead of her time. The book was ridiculously expensive, and I lusted after it for over a year, seeing it at various quilt shows. In the end I caved in and bought it at the Chilford Quilt Fair some years ago, from Kaleidoscope. Their number/fax is 0141 942 8511. They may have a copy still, you never know.

  7. Sorry folks, that shouild be EDRICA Huws, NOT Erica.

  8. How disappointing! So many lovely pictures, and yet ... I really thought we would get to see the Toe! How about the District Nurse bandages it up in some gorgeous floral fabric and you could maybe photo it next to a vase of tulips, and hey presto - what's not to like? xCathy

  9. Tempting, so very tempting...........What's that they say about being careful what you wish for??????

  10. Arfa is delighted that his nose featured in a photo of S & B & sends good vibes for a swift recovery.

    Yvonne & Arfa

  11. Gentle pat on the head for Arfa, who I'm sure has his own fan-club out there in Blogland! Thank you, Yvonne.Lx

  12. Hello Lynne

    Fantastic, at last I have been able to open and read your blog!

    I hope to deliver a blue wool blanket to you soon.

    Take care.


  13. Yummy! I think I have a waterproof of yours hanging in the porch too!


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