Monday, 14 May 2012

Sunday Toes and Patchwork Pictures.

I know. I said I wouldn't. I lied. Well, actually, I was persuaded against my better judgement. I got really fed up with gazing at my unadorned toes at the bottom of the recliner, so I painted them yesterday. Coinciding with that was a comment from Cathy at Potter Jotter double-daring me to have my bandage tarted up and shared with you, Dear Reader. So you know who to blame. Oh, and speaking of Cathy, she makes gorgeous pottery, and when I'm on my feet I'm heading across-county to hers to have a look; I'm after something special for someone. Cathy is having a 'give-away' to celebrate her 2nd 'Bloggaversary' so do pop across to her blog by clicking on the link in my 'blog-roll'.

The last couple of days have seen my world contracting to a couple of square feet in the living room; perhaps you'd like to see the little 'nest' I've constructed for myself?

Here you see me hard at work on a little commission. You may think you've seen something like it before...and you'd be right!

While I'm dossing about here, I'm making plans for my next stitching projects. Obviously I have things to be finishing, but I like to have ideas trundling around in the background.

However, today I have been up and about most of the day, as far as the garden to pick some herbs for a chicken pot-roast.
                               That lovage is becoming more Triffid-like every day!

           Lots of greenery elsewhere too. As the wood pigeons have discovered, hence the netting.

                While I was vertical, I thought I'd knock up a few scones for elevenses.

   Haven't made scones for years. I must say, I prefer the cheese variety, but these were ok, and my brother-in-law and niece enjoyed them too! Now, do you say SKOWNES, or do you say it the proper way, SKONNS? I have a feeling it's a North/ South thing.

Oh, and I MUST mention an incredible texile artist, sadly no longer with us, Edrica Huws whose book Patchwork Pictures is on my list of favourites. Felicity of Eclectic Handmade enquired about it, so here are some photos for you to get a good idea of her wonderful work. Heavily influenced by the French Impressionists, Edrica constructed her patchworks rather as a mosaicist might do. I think she was years ahead of her time.

The book is actually a catalogue of her pictures, published for the Japanese market, and has English/Japanese text.  Sadly, there is no ISBN  I can give you. I bought it after much misgivings - it was very expensive - from Kaleidoscope Books from Glasgow, at Chilford Quilt Fair some years ago. If you are very interested, then there is an email contact:  And that's it, there is no publishing information in the book at all.

Edrica lived for some years in Liverpool. This is a representation of the Palm House in Sefton Park, where I used to go as a child on Sunday family outings. I can remember the ice-cream sodas which were my treat! Years later I went to school opposite the park (where you may remember The Liver Birds  tv series was set) at Aigburth Vale High School For Girls which now, alas, has been demolished to make way for posh flats!

I 'm particularly fond of the flower studies. Felicity, these are just a few of the great photographs in the book, there are loads more. If you can get your hands on it, you won't regret buying it, though you may be on short commons for a few weeks!

Well, this has been a bit of a strange, mixed up post, but I hope you've enjoyed the colour if nothing else! Tomorrow I'm off to the docs for dressing-change, and I'm hoping the replacement will be less bulky so I can get a shoe on. Then I can DRIVE. And hopefully never need to refer to my tootsies again! Hope your weekends have been as pleasant as mine has been.


  1. Thanks for the lovely clear pictures Lynne. I will do some searching (and saving!) -very inspiring, I think the last picture is my favourite too. Before I go I've one word - scownes.

  2. Ah, a Southerner then! Re the book, the Huws family seem to have strong links with Japan, one of her daughters has a Japanese husband, and obviously the folks over there certainly took her work to their hearts. Good luck with chasing it up!

  3. I love Edrica Huws work. Hope the foot gets better soon.

  4. Thanks, Gill, all over bar the shouting.

  5. As I refuse pointblank to eat ice cream cons I don't eat skonns either.

  6. J'adore les fleurs devant le rideau: quelle légèreté ! bravo


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