Thursday, 31 May 2012

Open Studio and Garden Stitching

                                      Open Studios, Quilter's Cottage, Marham, Norfolk.

I was out and about yesterday, visiting an Open Studio and re-acquainting myself with a quilting buddy from way back. Jane and I were both members of Samphire Quilters, one of the earliest and largest West Norfolk quilting groups, during the 90's and early 2000's. (Founder Member is...ta dah: our very own Pam from Stitch and Bitch!) We probably haven't seen each other for more than ten years, and in that time Jane has re-invented herself as a polymath! Anyway, I drove across county and spent an hour at her log cabin studio, amazed at the colour and texture and simple.... ABUNDANCE all around me. I decided there and then to ask Jane to let me 'interview' her at a later date for the blog, and just pop a few photos up for you in this post.

The header photo is an action shot of Jane on the deck - sorry, Jane, but I liked this one so much better than the posed one we did seconds later! It was a bit difficult to get a full width picture of the cabin as it is REALLY big.

                                                             Long shot of interior.
Imagine stepping out of your house each day to come here to work! That is, when Jane isn't whizzing about the county teaching at various other venues.

                                 Some of Jane's hand-made stamps, and her litho-prints.

         In the interests of honest blogging I  reveal - the Glory Hole !(tidier than my sewing room!)

I'll have lots to show and tell you about Jane and her work in a later post. I came away buzzing with her energy and motivation - and mentally exhausted by the visual overload!

I spent a lot of the glorious weekend out in the garden, quilting - yes, quilting! As long as the quilt was spread out on the table it wasn't getting me overheated and I could just stitch away in the shade - blissful! I have 20 days to finish this.....

I'd been thinking about the Boro I wrote about the other week, and remembered this quilt I made using some of my hand-dyed indigo fabric, and others from my 'blues' collection. I hand quilted it in varying weights of yarn and threads, altering the stitch length accordingly. It quilted itself, it was so soothing to stitch. You can see a bit along the bottom hem which I haven't quite did that happen??

     Sorry, awful photo, but it's difficult to get the whole quilt in shot. Apols re orange fence - it's new!

               Ahem. (Arrrrrgggghhhh, NO PUN was intended, just pointing out the unfinished bit.)

                                            My nod to boro patching and overstitching.

I did get on the sewing machine briefly, to make a start on the Naive Baskets and Squares quilt (working title). All I managed to do was surround each appliqued block with a row of squares, but it means I have the blocks out in front of me now, and it is now a work-in-progress rather than an unfinished symphony!

              Bad light, crumpled fabric, sorry, but had to do this fast as it started to rain!

The blocks won't be put together quite like that - there will be much more 'squareage' between each block. Took this today, dull skies and showers. So to brighten things up to finish here is a shot of the 'patio herb garden' ! I can't bear to waste those lovely olive oil tins so I thought I'd pop the basil in - doesn't it look nice, nestling among the mints?

                                                                 Poshed - up basil !
So I'll leave you, hoping we haven't seen the last of the lovely weather. Are you getting geared up for the Jubilee, or, like us, will it just be taking place in the background? Catch you next time.



  1. Wow, you have been busy!
    I think that every crafter would like to have a
    cabin like that in their garden; it looks so cosy!
    I love all the quilting you did Lynne!
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. Hi Mirjam, yes, wouldn't it be great to have the space for something like that in the first place!
      Thanks for visiting, Lx.

  2. Love your quilts. I admire clever women like you so much, and know I haven't the skill or patience to be as clever with needle and thread as you are. At one time, it would have bothered me, these days way more laid back about 'stuff' and I have accepted I won't ever watercolour or quilt, go in a hang-glider or to New England and Tuscany. Never mind, life is rich enough for me as it is.
    The Jubilee goes on without we two here, too. As do the Olympics, anything to do with football, the Eurovision song contest too, fell into that category!
    The log cabin as an office.... would like that, would it inspire me to write more? Probably not, I'd end up gazing at the garden as per usual!

    1. I've never considered myself clever - I just found a medium which I love and have learned how to get round the difficult bits. Most of what I do is pretty basic, I don't do complex piecing any more, and most of the applique I do is 'naive' ie, very forgiving and fairly crude. my quilting stitches have become smaller simply with practice though I now frequently use heavier thread and so increase stitch size accordingly. I'd still love to water-colour but I'm happy to let the hang-gliding pass me by!

  3. That's some work space Jane has there. How lovely to connect with an old and inspiring friend :D

    Not much happening Jubilee wise here. There may be a few red, white and blue tea time treats if I find time to spend time in the kitchen, and if it's a nice day we might pop along to the village fete, which always happens around about now, it's just got added patriotism this year!

  4. Yes, we did the Jubilee big-time the first time around, the boys were small and I remember fancy dress and face paint and ....rows and rows of tables piled with party-food. No thankyou, I'm very happy for others to enjoy themselves - I'm not a complete party pooper, but I prefer for us to do our own thing. I think it really is age related - or, child related; you can be quite aged but if you have grandchildren around you, then you can't help get involved.

  5. Lynne, I really like your take on the Boro... Especially with the little red square and red sashiko-like stitching.

  6. Thanks Cynthia, and yes, the little red bits lift it, I think. Though of course, 2 of those little red dots at the top are (GASP) drawing pins!!!!!!!!! When I have time....yes, we all know when that'll be.........I want to distress some hand-dyed blues and make a boro piece; it won't be coat shaped, but I think I'll enjoy doing the overstitched patching and visible stitching.

    Thanks for visiting! Lx.

  7. Hello, Lynne! Just found your cute blog via Helen Philipps and I like it :o) Lovely quilts you`ve got there! Hope you will came to visit my blog too :o) and enter into my giveaway, if you like, of course
    With love from Rusiia

  8. Hello Natalia, how lovely to meet you, and thanks for visiting. How on earth do you find time to blog with your four children and going to work? Amazing! Have put a not very good link to your give away on the post, but will also mention it in my next post.

  9. Hello Lynne, just found your blog via Annie at Knitsofacto. I have few sewing skills but enjoy reading creative blogs like yours, least of all to drool over your fabulous creations! You also live in Norfolk, which I love - I'm just over the border in Suffolk AND you have mentioned Open Studios, which I also love!

    Off now to have a little look around ...


    1. OOOh Lynne, fancy us laughing about the action shot and then you used it :)
      It was lovely to see you, a vision in blue, I am pleased you enjoyed seeing the textile treasures in my studio. Catch up and see you soon.
      Best wishes,
      Quilter Cottage Norfolk

    2. @ Jeanne, glad to give you a 'drooling opportunity' , Jeanne! I'm fond of them myself! Thanks for visitning, and I hope to have another 'Open Studio' post next time as well.

      @Jane, well, you know, I looked at both photos, and this one was just so sponaneous and happy I felt I had to use it. Yep, had a great time, and will be in touch re another meet up.

  10. I love that fish soup, it's very yummy :) and I have one of those rainbow coloured blankets that my granny made for me.


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